Shimmies In Super 8

Release notes:
Duophonic Super 45s
DS45-05 / DS45-06
2 x 7"
Release date: 1993-04-00

Track List


Duophonic double 7" compilation. One lime green disk and one white disk. (A very limited edition of the disks pressed on mint green coloured vinyl.) 800 copies in a foldout sleeve with liner notes. 400 copies came with a Darlin' sticker and inserts ... then we ran out of stickers and inserts. Each copy is numbered.

Track list:

Side one
Huggy Bear - Trafalgar Square
Huggy Bear - Godziller
Huggy Bear - More Music From Bells
Huggy Bear - Snow White, Red Rose
Side two
Darlin' - Cindy So Loud
Darlin' - Darlin'
Side three
Colm - Soundtrack
Side four
Stereolab - Revox!

trivia: Darlin' later turned into Daft Punk