Modular - Sinfonías Para Terrícolas

Release notes:
Elefant Records
Release date: 2011-10-17

Track List


2nd full-length LP release by Spanish retrofuturist pop group, Modular.

"Making the most out of a trip to England, Modular's Mariana Badaracco and Pablo Dahy spent several weeks in the studio of Andy Ramsay with demos of some of their songs and together with Andy and under the sound engineering supervision of Joe Watson, they began to record the basslines, voices, percussion, piano, and synthesizers.

Andy spontaneously offered to record the drums on some of the songs and experiment with Russian drum machines he collected over the years on tour with Stereolab – something which gave a fantastic and experimental groove to the album."

Copies of the 12" vinyl edition came with free mp3 download code

Track list:

01. La Rebelión De Los Robots
02. El Clon De Paul McCartney
03. Laboratorio Submarino
04. Zapatófono
05. Los Mentalistas
06. Panamá Motel
07. Moog Safari
08. Base Lunar Alfa
09. Beat Del Cinéfilo
10. Mensaje Telepático Marciano
11. Samba Espacial