Pharoah Chromium – Electric Cremation

Release notes:
Grautag Records
GTR 003 003

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Release date: 2011-10-16

Track List


Pharoah Chromium is a project by GHAZI BARAKAT, a Berlin musician and transformist, mostly known as a performance oriented rock'n'roll singer in bands such as The Golden Showers, Boy from Brazil and The Assassinations.

'Electric Cremation' is the third release of Grautag Records, a label initiated and run by french contemporary artist Nicolas Moulin, who is also and always responsible for the artwork of the releases. Mainly based on improvised and edited sessions with samples of internal and external sources and live instruments. The album was recorded and mixed by Tim Gane in his studio Neu-Kölln.

The double LP is divided in four sides.

A musical reflection on the nuclear disaster of Fukushima. Contains a hebrew interpretation of the Elli et Jacno song "L' age atomique, suite et fin" by israeli filmmaker Rebeca Ofek.

Five vignettes that deal with neo-brutalist ideas, science-fiction, after-life and the occult.

Pharoah Chromium's interpretation of new age and world music with strong Kraut influences.

Where the concept of Ethno-Doom reaches epic proportions. Shedding light and shadows on the stereotypical fears of Islamophopbia. Based on 12 loops of two turkish Saz-players from Kreuzberg, with concrete contributions from Tim on the Voyager.