Gari - Al-tru-is-tick

Release notes:
Victor Japan
Release date: 2005-11-23

Track List


Remix album of tracks by Gari, the original versions of which are on the Japanese electro rock band's album "", released simultaneously to this CD.
A Japan-only release, although both albums were later released internationally as a double CD pack on the Soundlicio label.
Includes a remixed track by Tim, in two different versions.

Full track list:

1. "Physique" (remixed by Tim Gane)
2. "Type 4" (remixed by Funky Gong)
3. "Drop Zone" (remixed by Jack Dangers)
4. "Two Step Colors" (remixed by Sean O'Hagan)
5. "Wipeout!" (remixed by Syogo Fujita)
6. "After Glow" (remixed by Cube Juice)
7. "Physique (Dub)" (remixed by Tim Gane)
8. "Drop Zone (Dub)" (remixed by Jack Dangers)