Glows in the Dark - Tides of War

Release notes:
[no label]
[no cat. no.]
Digital album
Release date: 2012-09-03

Track List


11 track EP featuring remixes of tracks from Glows In The Dark's 2011 LP, 'Beach of the War Gods', plus some bonus tracks.
Available to download in the format of your choice from the group's bandcamp pages.
Includes a remix by Tim of the track "Gary Glitter", which can be streamed or downloaded separately on bandcamp.

Full track list:
01. Beach of the War Gods (Count Bass D Bonus Remix)
02. Silence (Snow Panda Remix)
03. Gary Glitter (Tim Gane Remix)
04. Flawless feat. John Robinson
05. Caliber 9 (Tyler Newbold Remix)
06. Revolver (Count Bass D Remix)
07. Violent Rome (Carl Testa Remix)
08. My Name is Cameron Vale (DJ Harrison Remix)
09. Beach of the War Gods (Count Bass D Remix)
10. Bennie (Revisited by Jneiro Jarel)