Popol Vuh - Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999

Release notes:
SPV Recordings
SPV 70442-2CD
Format: 2 _ CD
Release date: 2011-06-24

Track List


A 2CD tribute and homage by SPV Records to German Progressive Rock Band, Popol Vuh, in memory of the 10th anniversary
of the death of the band?s founder, Florian Fricke. Combines selected Popol Vuh tracks, new bonus material and
eleven remixes by avant-garde bands, electronic musicians and DJs. Includes Tim's remix of "Hosianna Mantra".

Track list:

Planet Side (Revisited)
1-01 Aguirre I: Lacrima Di Rei
1-02 Affenstunde
1-03 In Den G?rten Pharaos
1-04 Ich Mache Einen Spiegel
1-05 Nachts Schnee
1-06 Eine Andere Welt
1-07 In Your Eyes
1-08 Train Through Time
1-09 Nascita
1-10 Br?der Des Schattens
1-11 Through Pain To Heaven
1-12 Kailash: Last Village

Cosmic Side (Remixed)
2-01 Aguirre I/II (Lacrima Di Rei Edit) Remix by Peter Kruder
2-02 Schnee (Flow Edit) Remix by Thomas Fehlmann
2-03 Heart Of Glass (Sei Still Wisse Ich Bin Edit) Remix by A Critical Mass
2-04 Haram Dei Haram Dei (ProgRock Edit) Remix by Alex Barck
2-05 Through Pain To Heaven/Kyrie (Edit) Remix by Roland Appel
2-06 Nachts Schnee (Ambient Edit) Remix by Mika Vainio
2-07 G?rten Pharaos (Dark Development Edit) Remix by Moritz Von Oswald
2-08 Through Pain To Heaven (Dopeful Vuh Edit) Remix by Mouse On Mars
2-09 Hosianna Mantra (Lyrics Edit) Remix by Stereolab
2-10 Aguirre I/II (Endless Edit) Remix by Haswell & Hecker
2-11 Train Through Time (Long Version)