White Lies - Remixes

Release notes:
Fiction Records
CD (and 6x7")
Release date: 2011-01-14

Track List


5 track CD EP available only with the 6x7" vinyl box set edition of White Lies' 'Ritual' album.
Includes a Stereolab remix of "Is Love" (original version also on 'Ritual').

Full track list:
1. Bigger Than Us (Factory Floor remix)
2. The Power & The Glory (Bibio remix)
3. Is Love (Stereolab remix)
4. Bigger Than Us - (Walls 'Hold Me' remix)
5. The Power & The Glory (Wax Stag remix)

The Stereolab remix also appears on the compilation 'Fiction Remixes Vol.1' (Fiction Records, 2797414, CD, 2012).

The remix was also made available as a free mp3 download for promotional purposes.