Eaten Horizons Or The Electrocution Of Rock

Release notes:
EN/OF 036 (Mathias Poledna / Stereolab)
12" + Digital print on Rochester Plus paper (30 x 30 cm)
Release date: 2007-09-00

Track List

1. Crest
2. John Cage Bubblegum
3. Mountain (instrumental)
4. Reich Song
5. Cybele's Reverie Pt. 1
6. Cybele's Reverie Pt. 2
7. French Disko
8. Happy Pop Song
9. Jenny Ondioline
10. Lucia Pamela
11. NWW Drone Instrumental
12. Plastic Pulse One
13. Plastic Pulse Two
14. Plastic Pulse Three
15. Plastic Pulse Four
16. Sad Chicago Organ
17. Brigitte Pt. 1
18. Brigitte Pt. 2
19. Infinity Girl Pt. 1
20. Infinity Girl Pt. 2
21. Cobra Tune
22. Heavy Munich
23. Zigzag Song
24. Monday Song


2007 collaborative project involving Stereolab and artist Mathias Poledna, released by EN/OF (a subdivision of German fine arts label bottrop-boy) - one of a series of limited edition records that also come with limited edition artworks. 100 copies only made.

Housed in a generic EN/OF gatefold sleeve with content information printed on a sticker wrapped around the open-ends of the sleeve (acting as a seal). The record is a 12" LP pressed on 180g black vinyl.

All the tracks are previously unreleased Stereolab demos. "Happy Pop Song", "Sad Chicago Organ" and "Zigzag Song" are not available on any commercial release. Some other tracks were retitled for commercial releases, notably:
"Monday Song" = Avant Garde M.O.R.
"NWW Drone Instrumental" = Golden Ball
"Lucia Pamela" = International Colouring Contest
"Reich Song" = Tomorrow Is Already Here
"Cobra Tune" = Hillbilly Motobike

The accompanying artwork is:
'Untitled' by Mathias Poledna (2007)
Edition of 100, plus 30 AP
Signed, numbered & dated by the artist