Double U - Pineapple Dream

Release notes:
Wool Recordings
Release date: 2010-04-26

Track List

1. Interludic


The fifth "opus" from Wool Recordings label boss Franck Rabeyrolles, from Montpellier in France, who records as Double U and also sometimes as Franklin.

Laetitia sings and plays guitar on the short, opening track, 'Interludic'.

Full track list:
1. Interludic (Featuring Laetitia Sadier)
2. Eh Bro
3. Pineapple Dream
4. I Made Up My Mind
5. Breathing The Wind
6. Ring Me
7. Supersize
8. Whatever
9. De-construction
10. The Wedding
11. Enough
12. Pianorgano
13. Sweet Family
14. Take The Bus…