Charlie Alex March - Home/Hidden

Release notes:
Lo Recordings
LCD79 - CD
LO79 - digital (MP3 or AAC)
Release date: 2010-02-01

Track List

1. Plan 9


The debut album from producer-composer Charlie Alex March on Lo Recordings. Mostly instrumental, it's described on the Lo website as "an eclectic mixture of real strings, treated piano and all manner of electronic keyboards... a wonderfully melodic and satisfying affair, gloriously English in a non sniffy manner, like tea and crumpets or a stroll on an autumn day."

Andy plays drums on 'Plan 9'. Sean O'Hagan worked with March on string arrangements throughout. Other guests include Dominic Murcott of the High Llamas on vibraphone, Jo Apps on wordless vocals and Gabriel from Metronomy playing bass.

Full track listing:
1. Plan 9
2. Francisca's Theme
3. Mao
4. Cortot N 7
5. Melodie
6. Snow Feet
7. Clouds Over You Again
8. Telephone Song
9. Cortot N 6
10. Kyoko's Broken Piano
11. The Lost Levels
12. Son of a Joe