Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements

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Release notes:
D-UHF-D02 - 2x12"
D-UHF-D02X - 2x12" (gold vinyl)

61536-2 - CD
61536-4 - Cassette
WMC5-656 - CD (Japan)
Release date: 1993-09-00

Track List

1. Tone Burst
2. Our Trinitone Blast
3. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
4. I'm Going Out Of My Way
5. Golden Ball
6. Pause
7. Jenny Ondioline
8. Analogue Rock
9. Crest
10. Lock-Groove Lullaby


First LP release on Duophonic UHF - issued on double vinyl and CD. 1500 copies of the vinyl edition were pressed on gold vinyl.

Also the first proper Stereolab release on Elektra in the US, issued on CD and cassette.

Reissued subsequently in Japan on CD only, with a bonus track 'French Disko'.