Mice Parade

Release notes:
P-Vine (Japan)

Fat Cat (USA, UK)
FATLP63 - 12" vinyl
FATDA63 - digital (MP3)

Release date: 2007-04-06

Track List

2. Tales of Las Negras
12. Warm Hand In Farmland (stereolab remix)


Mice Parade's seventh album - confusingly, self-titled - was released in 2007. Laetitia sings on 'Tales of Las Negras', and on the Japanese edition only the groop contributes a remix of a song that originally appeared on Mice Parade's 2005 album, Bem-Vinda Vontade.

Full track list:
1 Sneaky Red
2 Tales Of Las Negras
3 The Last Ten Homes
4 Snow
5 Double Dolphins On The Nickel
6 Satchelaise
7 Swing
8 Circle None
9 The Nights After Fiction
10 -
11 -
12 Warm Hand In Farmland - stereolab remix*

*bonus track on Japanese edition only