Prop - Cook Cut Damage Destroy

Release notes:
Silent Recordings/MGM
Release date: 2003-09-22

Track List

2. Statice (Mount Zero remix by Stereolab)


LP released in Australia, featuring remixes of tracks from Oz instrumental quintet Prop's 2001 album "Small Craft Rough Sea". Includes a Stereolab remix of the track 'Mount Zero' featuring Mary on vocals.

Full track list:
01 Someone - Can't Be Sirius (Sirius remix)
02 Stereolab - Statice (Mount Zero remix)
03 Mako - Inflight Re-chauffe (Landing remix)
04 Telemetry Orchestra - Big Reply (Portal remix)
05 Pivot - First We Kill Them, Then We... (Care For Them remix)
06 Burnt Friedman - Erste Landing (Landing remix)
07 Presets - Bloodbubbles (Magnetic Highway remix)
08 Paul Mac & Dirty Cub - Bermuda Portaloo (Portal remix)
09 Oren Ambarchi - Low Life (Low remix)
10 Pnau - Dada (Magnetic Highway remix)
11 Decoder Ring - Camp David (Pilot Error remix)
12 Prop - What Is It You Can't Face?
13 Band of Five Names - Syndro (Solo Trip remix)
14 Mice Parade - Free From The Shark (Remora remix)