Brokeback - Field Recordings From The Cook County Water Table

Release notes:
Thrill Jockey
Release date: 1999-00-00

Track List

11. Great Banks, The


LP on Thrill Jockey, Doug McCombs' (the bassist from Tortoise) solo debut as Brokeback.

Mary sings on 'The Great Banks' and also has an engineer credit (but John McEntire engineered most of the LP).

Full track list:
1. After the Internationals
2. Returns to the Orange Grove
3. The Field Code
4. This Is Where We Sleep
5. Another Routine Day Breaks
6. We Let the "S" Hang in the Air
7. The Wilson Ave. Bridge at the Chicago River, 1953
8. The Flat Curving
9. A Blueprint
10. Seiche 2
11. The Great Banks
12. Sometimes a Cold Rain Can Push Down...