Sigmatropic - Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories

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Release notes:
Tongue Master Records (UK)
enhanced CD

Thirsty Ear (USA)
enhanced CD
Release date: 2003-09-22

Track List

2. Haiku 1


"Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories" is an LP of songs based on the poetry of the Greek Nobel laureate George Seferis, set to music by Sigmatropic (Akis Boyatzis). The record was originally released in a Greek version on Hitch-Hyke Records (cat. no. LIFT 070) in 2002.

During the recording of the Greek version, it was decided to make an English version also for an international audience. For this 'International Project' Carla Torgerson (The Walkabouts) was instrumental in translating the original poems and Theodore Vlassopulos acted as curator of the guest vocalists from Europe and the US. Laetitia sings on 'Haiku 1'.

For more information on the project, downloads etc. go here.

A limited edition of this release includes a 6-track bonus CD.

Full track lists:
1 Intro ('On stage, 2') (voice: Robert Wyatt)
2 Haiku 1 (voice: Laetitia Sadier)
3 Haiku 2 (voice: Martine Roberts)
4 Haiku 3 "in the museum garden" (voice: Mark Mulcahy)
5 Haiku 4 (voice: Alejandro Escovedo)
6 Haiku 5 (voice: Carla Torgerson)
7 Haiku 6 (voices: Carla Torgerson & Akis Boyatzis)
8 Haiku 7 (voice: Akis Boyatzis)
9 Haiku 8 (voice: Edith Frost)
10 Haiku 9 "young fate" (voice: Mark Eitzel)
11 Haiku 10 (voice: Cat Power)
12 Haiku 11 (voice: Simon Joyner)
13 Haiku 12 "unprofitable boat line" (voice: Lee Ranaldo)
14 Haiku 13 "sick fury" (voice: Alex Gordon)
15 Haiku 14a (voice: Akis Boyatzis)
16 Haiku 14b (voice: John Grant)
17 Haiku 15 (voice: James William Hindle)
18 Haiku 16 (voice: Lee Ranaldo)
19 "Dead Sea (Logbook II)" (voice: James Sclavunos)
20 "Water Warm (sketches for a summer)" (voice: Pinkie Maclure)
21 "This Human Body" (voice: Howe Gelb)
22 "The Jasmine" (voice: Steve Wynn)

CD1 contains a CD-ROM section by Blue Frog & Paul Ioannou, which includes a video clip produced by Cinematic Melon and directed by Christos Hassapis.

CD2 (Limited edition only)
1. Intro (Rhodes mix) (voice: Robert Wyatt)
2. Haiku 1 (voice: Edith Frost)
3. Haiku 6 (Vangelis Zisis mix) (voices: Carla Torgerson & Akis Boyatzis)
4. Haiku 13 (voice: Carla Torgerson)
5. "This Human Body" (Antonis Livieratos Mix) (voice: Howe Gelb)
6. "Dead Sea" (original Sigmatropic version)