Moonshake - Remixes

Release notes:
C/Z Records
Release date: 1999-00-00

Track List

2. Exotic Siren Song (Rich Costy remix)


EP released in the US containing a set of interpretations of tracks from the 'Dirty & Divine' LP by a number of well-known and not so well-known producers. The disc's release came two years after Moonshake broke up and was not sanctioned by the band's mainman, Dave Callahan.

Mary provides 'Radio 2 vocals' on the remix of Exotic Siren Song.

Track list:
1. Cranes (Robin Guthrie remix)
2. Exotic Siren Song (Rich Costy remix)
3. Nothing But Time [MAIN Pressure Chapter] (mix by Robert Hampson)
4. Nothing But Time [MAIN Transmission-Instrumental] (mix by Robert Hampson)
5. Aqualisa (Todd Nickolas remix)
6. The Taboo (Lucid remix)
7. Cranes (Tortoise Shell Jungle mix by John McEntire)