Fugu - Fugu1

Release notes:
Ici d'ailleurs/Pop Biz (Japan)
IDA 008 (CD-2180)

Ici d'ailleurs (France)
IDA 008

ForUs Records

Minty Fresh
Release date: 2000-00-00

Track List

4. Sol y Sombra


Fugu's debut LP, released on Ici d'ailleurs in Europe and Japan (CD only), on ForUs Records - part of Rough Trade Shops empire - in the UK (vinyl only) and on Minty Fresh in the USA (CD only).

Laetitia sings on 'Sol y Sombra' and Tim engineered the recording of her vocals on this track.

Full track list (CD versions):
1. - (intro)
2. The Best of Us
3. Grand Celesta
4. Sol y Sombra
5. Variations Fitzwilliam
6. Triple Bass
7. Vibrabox
8. Oua Oua
9. Ondulations
10. Monocorde
11. Baragan
12. Tsimbalon
13. -- (interlude)
14. Au Départ
15. Meanwhile
16. Clavipluck
17. Angel Fair With Golden Hair
18. Pianolyre

Trivia: the different editions of the LP all had different sleeve designs. The image shown is the one for the Japanese edition, which was the first to be released.