High Llamas - Snowbug

Release notes:
VVR 1008978 (Europe) - CD/12"
27063 (USA) - CD/12"
V2 CI 58 (Japan) - CD
Release date: 1999-00-00

Track List

1. Bach Ze
4. Cookie Bay
6. American Scene, The
11. Cotton to the Bell
13. Cut the Dummy Loose


The High Llamas' fifth LP. Laetitia and Mary sing on 'Cookie Bay'. Laetitia sings on 'The American Scene'. Mary sings on 'Bach Ze', 'Cotton to the Bell' and 'Cut the Dummy Loose'.

Full track list:
1. Bach Ze
2. Harpers Romo
3. Hoops Hooley
4. Cookie Bay
5. Triads
6. The American Scene
7. Go to Montecito
8. Janet Jangle
9. Amin
10. Daltons Star
11. Cotton to the Bell
12. Green Coaster
13. Cut the Dummy Loose
14. Beachy Bunch *
15. Shuggie Todd *

*bonus tracks on Japanese edition only

'Cookie Bay' was also released as a single.

'The American Scene' also appears on a promotional CD, "Unconditionally Guaranteed 9", given away free with Uncut magazine [Uncut, September 1999]

An edit of 'Bach Ze' appears on the High Llamas 2CD compilation "Retrospective, Rarities and Instrumentals" [Alpaca/V2, VVR1021882, 2003]