Chicano - the Stuff is That... [EP]

Release notes:
12" (record housed in a pair of pants!)
Release date: 2001-03-00

Track List

2. A Rose By Any Other Name (Horizontalist deconstructs)


Chicano's fantastic second EP.

Full tracklist:
Rose Giganta
A Rose By Any Other Name (Horizontalist deconstructs)
I Smell
Brand New Drum Machine

500 copies on translucent pink vinyl. A few copies still available to buy from the official Chicano website.

This review in Record Collector magazine sums up the record nicely: "Translucent coloured vinyl wrapped in ladies underwear always gets our attention here at the RC common bunker - we'll go for anything pink in for the sounds, it's spiky New York style No-Wave, a bit like the Blues Explosion or Jonathan Fire Eater, although there's a Kraftwerk-tastic remix by Stereolab's Mary Hansen. It's a prime product of cottage-industry enthusiasm, which is quite refreshing in these days of lacklustre pseudo-indie. It's also the only disc we've ever seen with three run-out grooves - novelty value alone makes it worth snapping up."

"A Rose By Any Other Name" is a reworking by The Horizontalist, aka Mary (including new vocals!) of "Rose Giganta". The track is currently available to download via the 4U page on the Chicano website. Mary's remix was also issued by goglugglug as a commemorative 1-track 3" rose-scented CD single entitled "Mary's Rose" in April 2004. See the 'shop' page on Chicano website for more details.

More Chicano-Stereolab trivia:
Mary ("our muse") also played guitar with Chicano on live dates during the summer of 2002 while the band looked for a new permanent guitarist. Also, not only Mary but Dominic and Tim & Laetitia's son Alex have small parts in Chicano's feature film "Meat Harem", available to buy on DVD or to download (note: 500 MB!) from the Chicano website.