Blur - Parklife

Release notes:

Release date: 1994-00-00

Track List

9. To the End


LP released on Food records (Food-SBK in the USA).

Laetitia sings backing vocals on the track 'To the End'

Full track list:
1. Girls & Boys
2. Tracy Jacks
3. End of a Century
4. Parklife
5. Bank Holiday
6. Badhead
7. The Debt Collector
8. Far Out
9. To the End
10. London Loves
11. Trouble in the Message Centre
12. Clover over Dover
13. Magic America
14. Jubilee
15. This Is a Low
16. Lot 105

'To the End' was also released as a single in 1994 on Food records:

12FOODDJ50 (12" Promo), 12FOOD50 (12" single), CDFOOD50/81430 (CD)
Tracks: To The End, Girls And Boys (Pet Shop Boys 7" Remix), Girls And Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12" Remix)

TCFOOD50 (cassette singlee)
Tracks: To The End, Girls And Boys (Pet Shop Boys 7" Remix), Threadneedle Street

Tracks: To The End, Threadneedle Street, Got Yer!

'To the End' can also be found on the following Blur releases:
- 1994 : French version - bonus track on 'Parklife' single (12", UK CD #2 and French CD)
- 1995 : To The End (La Comedie), To The End (La Comedie) featuring Francoise Hardy, To The End (La Comedie-Instrumental)(CD only)
- 1995 : Version featuring Francoise Hardy - bonus track on 'Country House' single (UK CD #1 only)
- 1999 : original on 10 Yr Anniversary Box Set (EMI, 22 x 5" CD boxed set of all their singles)
- 2000 : original on 'Blur - The Best Of' (EMI/Virgin, every format you can possibly think of, including VHS and DVD for the video).