Hut Recordings/The Peel Sessions

Release notes:
Strange Fruit

10" limited to 5,000 copies
Release date: 1992-00-00

Track List

8. Je RÍve
9. Do You Remember?


A compilation of tracks from Peel Sessions recorded by various artists then signed to Hut Recordings in the UK.

Tim plays guitar on the Moose tracks 'Do you remember?' and 'Je rÍve'. Laetitia sings on 'Je rÍve'. There is a sound file of 'Je rÍve' at James Reeder's excellent Moose website -

The Peel Session by Moose on which Tim and Laetitia appeared was recorded on June 9, 1991. The 4 songs recorded were Suzanne, In Every Dream Home a Heartache, Je rÍve (I dream), Do you remember?.

Full track listing for the LP:
1. siva (by smashing pumpkins)
2. girl named sandoz (by smashing pumpkins)
3. smiley (by smashing pumpkins)
4. wave (by revolver)
5. john's not mad (by revolver)
6. wave (by revolver)
7. already there (by verve)
8. je rÍve (i dream) (by moose)
9. do you remember? (by moose)
10. orange peel (by moose)