Moose - Reprise

Release notes:
Hut Recordings
CD single

Release date: 1991-00-00

Track List

3. Do You Remember?


4-track EP, Moose's third release.

Full track list:
1. Last Night I Fell Again
2. This River Will Never Run Dry
3. Do You Remember?
4. Reprise

Tim is credited with helping out on 'Do You Remember?'

There was also a 7" (hut 8) and a CD promo (HutPr1) containing just tracks 1 & 2.

'Do You Remember?' also appears on the compilation CD "Sonny and Sam" [Hut Recordings, hutcd11 (UK) / Virgin 96266-2 (USA), 1991]

Thanks to James Reeder [] for information.