Moose - Cool Breeze

Release notes:
Hut Recordings
hutcd5 - CD single
hut5 - 7" single [tracks 1 & 2 only]

Release date: 1991-00-00

Track List

1. Suzanne
2. Butterfly Collector
3. Untitled Love Song
4. Speak to Me


Tim plays guitar on this EP, Moose's second release.

A video was made for 'Suzanne'.
'Suzanne' and 'Butterfly Collector' also appear on the compilation CD "Sonny and Sam" [Hut Records hutcd11 (UK) / Virgin 96266-2 (USA), 1991]
'Suzanne' also features on the "Indie Top 20, Volume 13" compilation album [Beechwood, UK, 1992]

Thanks to James Reeder [] for information.