Ryoko Hirosue - RH Remix

Release notes:
Warner Music Japan
enhanced CD

Release date: 2001-08-29

Track List

6. Asite e [remixed by Tim Gane from Stereolab]


Mini LP of remixes of some of Ryoko's best known songs. Includes a remix by Tim. Other remixers on the disc include Kururi, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Spanova.

Track list (possibly with some spelling mistakes - very little reliable info available that's not in Japanese script!):

01 Himawari
02 Ano Tsukukotoba
03 Daisuki!
04 Otona Ni Naranai You Ni
05 Maji De Koi Suru 5 Byou Mae
06 Asite e ("Tomorrow") [Remixed by Tim Gane from Stereolab]

The enhanced CD portion includes previously unreleased music videos for the songs "Kajitsu" and "Mafuyu no Seiza-tachi ni Mamorarete".