Bonnie Pink - Sleeping Child

Release notes:
East West Japan
Release date: 2000-07-12

Track List

3. Sleeping Child (the gyrations of virgin microbes mix / stereolab)


Maxi single. Includes a stereolab remix of the title song.

Full track list:
01. Sleeping Child - Original
02. Sleeping Child (Protein Shake Mix / Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto)
03. Sleeping Child (The Gyrations Of Virgin Microbes Mix / stereolab)
04. Sleeping Child (Bonnie In Paris Mix / The High Llamas)

The stereolab mix is also available on:
- 'Sleeping Child No.2' - remixes (limited edition 12" vinyl single, east west japan, MQJN-8, July 2000)
- "Re*PINK - remixes" (compilation CD, east west japan, WPC7-10130, February 2002)