Manic Street Preachers - Tsunami [CD#2]

Release notes:
Sony International
Release date: 1999-00-00

Track List

3. Tsunami (Electron Ray Tube mix by Stereolab)


CD single. Includes a superb remix by the groop, including new vocals by Laetitia. More of a cover version than a remix!

Full track list:
1. 'Tsunami' - original version
2. Cornelius remix
3. Electron Ray Tube Mix by Stereolab

The Stereolab mix is also available on the following:
- 'Tsunami' promo 12" single (Sony International, XPR3320, 1999)
- promo CD 'Manic Street Preachers - Remixed' (Virgin, UPC #DPRO-14373, 1999)
- a bonus CD of remixes available with a limited edition of the Manics' singles collection 'Forever Delayed - The Greatest Hits' (Sony International, 2002)