Pastels, The - One Wild Moment: Pastels Music Remixed

Release notes:
Domino Records (UK)
Rug79 - 12"

Up Records (USA)
UP066 - 12"
Release date: 1998-11-00

Track List

1. One Wild Moment (stereolab remix)


5 track 12" vinyl single, issued to accompany the Pastels' "Illuminati" remix album. Includes the groop's remix of the title song.

Full track list:
1. One Wild Moment (Stereolab remix)
2. Windy Hill (Cornelius remix, vocal)
3. Windy Hill (Cornelius remix, instrumental)
4. The Viaduct (Kid Loco remix, instrumental)
5. The Viaduct (Kid Loco remix, vocal)

The Stereolab remix can also be found on the following discs:
- The Pastels - ‘Illuminati: Pastels music - remixed’ (Domino Records - UK / Up Records - USA / Dohb Records - Japan, CD/2x12", 1998/99)
- Various - 'Up Next' (Up Records - USA, CD, 1999)

The "Illuminati" LP also includes remixes by Mouse on Mars, John McEntire, Jim O'Rourke and My Bloody Valentine, among others.